Yuima Nakazato and his Face to Face

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Nakazato revealed his Face to Face project during Digital Paris Men’s Fashion Week with a film showing how he worked with clients that sent shirts to his atelier in Tokyo where, based on their exchange, the shirt was transformed into a new garment based on their stories. Initially the project was meant to be short-termed however it met with such success that Yuima Nakazato has decided to continue this service.  YUIMA NAKAZATO – Face to Face https://store.yuimanakazato.com/.

“The initial service was intended as a charity project, where Yuima worked with clients free of charge, and garments were limited to white shirts only. Going forward, Face to Face will be a paid service, and open to garments other than white shirts. Sample items will be posted on our store website at a later date. We hope you will be as excited as we are about what the future holds for this program and how it progresses.”

YUIMA NAKAZATO Official Online Store: https://store.yuimanakazato.com

From the Designer:

JPY 300,000 (Incl. Tax/Shipping) or approximately: 2443 EUROS

We will create a one-of-a-kind design for each client based on inspiration and stories drawn from dialogue with them regarding that garment.

As we will use each client’s own shirt to create a new garment, there are no pre-set sizes. During the dialogue, we will ask your sizing and fit preferences, which will be taken into consideration.

*We will accept all kind of shirts with any color, print or pattern. However, please bear in mind that logos and other identifiable elements of a shirt may be removed for intellectual property protection reasons.

Service Flow
Place your order from the YUIMA NAKAZATO official online store. We will be in touch with you to start your experience once your order is confirmed. The first step will be to schedule an online dialogue with Yuima Nakazato. Based on the conversation and inspiration found during the session, your shirt will be deconstructed and given a new design with additional materials and details. While delivery schedule may vary depending on the design and the number of back orders, we will ship the completed garment to you within 3-4 weeks after your interview with Yuima. The final look of the new garment will be a surprise until it arrives at your doorstep. When necessary, we will offer follow-up services such as re-sizing.

MESSAGE FROM Yuima Nakazato

“The idea of Face to Face came from two sentiments. One is our brand philosophy of delivering one-of-a-kind garments to as many people as possible. The other is the social contribution that a fashion brand should undertake during the current difficulties faced by the world today. For the initial charity project, we were not able to serve all who wanted to be a part of it. However, being able to complete and deliver 25 pieces to my clients was an invaluable experience for me, given the current circumstances.

My team and I created made-to-order garments without physically meeting the clients. We have received so much positive feedback from many people about this experimental project. I have therefore decided to continue offering Face to Face so that many more can enjoy the experience.

The new online store features my work table at our atelier in Tokyo. The atelier and my workspace symbolize our connection with clients around the world. I hope that you will have an opportunity to connect with us and enjoy this experience.”

Diane Pernet

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