BIPOC- jewelry designers: Black, Indigenous, People of Color united as one voice in the jewelry industry


Dear Shaded Viewers,

An open letter from BIPOC:

Hello BIPOC jewelry fellows and allies,
Today we launch a press blitz in honor of the group’s voice and in step with an article that has been published with National Jeweler, an industry standard. Please join us in creating a slideshow on your feed or stories with the attached assets, in order. Shantell Batista, a BIPOC graphic designer, has collaborated with us to produce this visual identity in celebrating the flow towards diversity in a gem toned world;)
We recommend the following copy: SUPPORTERS & ALLIES/(place in profile link)
We stand together united as an ally and comrade focused on the support of our BIPOC colleagues in the jewelry industry. The BIPOC OPEN LETTER has been penned from the combined voices of BIPOC jewelry designers and organized to host safe conversations in addressing the sector’s issues
on diversity, equality, equity and access to opportunity. Please read the Open Letter in our bio and sign up to support the conversations.
Artwork by Shantell Batista, @shante_ll
“Special thanks to @JulesKim from @Bijules and @MichelleOrman for their guidance and support in writing this letter. We also want to thank @NYCJW, the @BijulesIncubator, as well as the industry allies who have signed on to support this letter and it’s voice and purpose. We thank you.”
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Diane Pernet

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