Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Director Enrique Enrique González is a long time friend of ASVOFF. During CODIV-19 he took his models out into Tulum’s jungle not far from where he is currently living.


This is the first film that I’ve edited, filmed and Directed my own film . ¨The Sisters ¨ is a Mystery and Magical tale about two sisters living somewhere in Tulum´s Jungle, they love gardening and their jewels when they suddenly discover that their mirror is sending them signs ,he wants to communicate with them but they have a feeling something about this calling is not friendly ,they are frightened by  this obscure calling and  soon realise that this mirror wants something more from them than their reflections…

Enrique González is the force behind EGR a Mexican Fashion Brand #egrbyegr based in Tulum , he has worked in Film and Fashion for the past 15 years . Currently he is freelancing for different local brands and working on his own jewellery line.


Diane Pernet

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