Fondazione Sozzani SELECTED ARTIST from the archives – Rays of Hope by Guy Bourdin © The Guy Bourdin Estate 2020 Courtesy of Art and Commerce

© The Guy Bourdin Estate 2020 Courtesy of Art and Commerce

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Guy Bourdin was one of the first fashion photographers that used films to document his fashion shoots, the work in progress- but he also used it as a medium for observing and documenting the world around him through different film formats such as: 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm and PolaVision. These shoots eventually became as studies for photos or paintings (I D Peinture or I D Photo). Bourdin was curious of every new camera that came on the market and would test each to widen his photographic scope. 

This projection is an edit of films Bourdin took both in Martinique and partly in Normandy and unveils yet another less known angle of his work. While Bourdin was widely famous for his iconic studio photographs, this film and others that he shot during the height of his career in the 1970s, link to his early experimental photographic beginnings in the 1950s. It’s clear that he was as interested in the open air landscapes as much as the metropolis and the studio; each offered him a different experimental arena. This film documents his relationship with nature and his interest in the interplay of natural golden light. 


In perspective of today’s world and considering the difficult times that Italy and the rest of the world are encountering, this footage in nature brings optimism through the golden rays of hope with a deeper meaning.

Shelly Verthime, curator

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