HELIOT EMIL showed ‘AMORPHOUS SOLID’ through a technological visual presentation

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Maybe this is the future of fashion shows, who knows but the timing worked out perfectly with what is going on in our world at the moment. Viewers were placed in the center of a 360-degree space and encouraged to utilize the internal gyroscope on their phone moving it within the three-dimensional space to navigate throughout the universe. Models moved spatially revealing intricate details of the garments and inspired by the collection narrative; Amorphous solid forms of matter with no particular pattern in the compound construction that can be shaped and morphed, but still solid.

The camera technology in the show uses interpolates images with a “view morphing” technique with smooth transitions between all angles. This morphing technique used is reflected in the AW20 collection titled ‘AMORPHOUS SOLID’ in the changing and morphing forms of the garments, the relation of form and function

combined with technicality of the fabrics.

A leather shirt with adjustable morphing construction, fine-tailoring with integrated drawstring systems, wrapping constructed layers. Similar to amorphous solids these garments can be reconstructed or reshaped to personalize each look. Unique develop materials like liquid metal fabric that changes upon the angle of perception in relation to the angle of the light. This experimental approach is a cornerstone of HELIOT EMIL, driven by designer Julius Juul’s

creative undertaking in form and function in relation to technology.

A soundscape for the experience was produced by the artist Visionist. Created through a sculptural interpretation

of the garments, the visceral sounds embrace the viewers experience of the universe.

The AW20 show continues the innovative convergence towards fully immersing the viewer in the semantic depths

of the HELIOT EMIL universe.

Brand presentation:

Founders: Brothers Julius Juul, Victor Juul Director of Business: Victor Juul
Designer and Creative Director: Julius Juul

A Ready-To-Wear collection from Copenhagen, Denmark. Exploring the lines between form and function driven by experimental approaches, HELIOT EMILTM pushes the semantic dialogue between the shape, material and

composition of each garment.


Name originates from the brothers Great grandfather Heliot Emil.

First collection: SS17


Diane Pernet

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