“El Extasis” by Dodi Espinosa in group show OTHER.WORLDLY, its an Exhibition curated by Hanne Hagenaars for the FRIES Museum

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I’m happy to update you on the work of artist Dodi Espinosa whose “El Extasis” is handmade out of black clay  and is in the new group show OTHER.WORLDLY at the FRIES Museum in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

Fragment of the speech by curator Hanne Hagenaars during the opening of OTHER.WORTHLY, FRIES museum, Leuuwarden. 15 February 2020.:

“…And there is a man who dives into the depths of the earth and opens his belly in an appeal for unity. ‘Maybe I try to find universality by trying to read the inside. That’s why in the work El Extasis the man is opening his belly. Visualizing what is at the core may seem a very individual point of view, but to me is really the opposite. The man is trying to understand what we all have in common. Thats why I gave it this title El Extasis. To me it is really about trying to establish the connection with the other. I try to understand the source of human feelings.”

Note from the Artist, Dodi Espinosa : The image departs from the Tarot card of the hanging man, The protagonist looks as if he is falling into the depths of earth, while in the background we see the cycle of nature. The man opens his belly showing the spine cord which is the core of a human being, he is in sync with nature and the cosmos, he connects with the other by understanding himself, he is in a state of trance, a religious Extasis.

Artists in the exhibition are: Dodi Espinosa, Ellen Gallagher & Edgar Cleijne, Jessica Segall, Carina Brandes, Kinke Kooi, Mathew Angelo Harrison, Ricardo Brey  among many others…



Diane Pernet

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