Solo exhibition – IDIOTS aka Afke Golsteijn & Floris Bakker at Artkitchen Amsterdam 27 September.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

September 27th is the opening of the Idiots solo exhibition at Artkitchen Amsterdam. They will open with a green dinner (no meat or unwanted like the goose that are killed because of the airplanes or rats etc. It will start at 17h in hemonylaan nr 6 near the albertcuipmarket where Idiots will show their new plant works.

The leader of the pack is the Pieta (mother with child) of Nature. The heads or faces are the roots of the hennep plants. Hennep is Cannabis sativa hollandica. Inside very heavy and outside big and bold plants in the rain and storms that are called polderplants.

“And we use the whole plant with roots and dried them like the skeletons inside . We have collected them for more ten years.

We are still working on a big installation, but….. I have no place to show yet.
But the smaller sculptures are showing themselves 27 Sept in Artkitchen gallery amsterdam

the whole thing, is not about drugs.
but to be able to take care of your self and the environment without polluting it and to be free of the culture that artificial is better,
you have to buy everything. own a house hypotheek, children and flying for show the world on social media how great and successful you are.” IDIOTS

“So my thing… Nature first!
This cosmopolitan thinking has to stop.
And be autonomous and local.
Have a nice environment so you do not have to go on a holiday as far as possible.
Yes that is against everything we learned.

And it is about structures. Almost like DNA, it is not so different from each other and nature than we think, like a worm and a human are pretty close!”

But for now it is the visible structures like: branches and blood veins
Or the nerves of a dried out leaf, a Vischbone. the lines in the palm of your hand etc.


Diane Pernet

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