Milamore by George Root chez Bettina Rheims and photos by Bettina Rheims

Dear Shaded Viewers,

If you do not know who George Root is let me give you a little background. He was born in the Philippines then relocated to Japan where he spent his youth prior to moving to Manhattan. He had a PR consulting agency, George Root Ltd which was well established in both Japan and the US. Last April George stepped out from his behind the scenes activities and launched his own jewellery brand, Milamore. The brand was named after his love for his grandmother. George felt that all other cultures, that is other than Japan, had their set of symbolic jewellery so he wanted to step in and take care of that absence by creating jewellery based on spirit animals. The goldfish represents abundance, fortune and purification. Energy detox goldfish might be your spirit animal. The Crane will sing to the heavens and guarantee your wish it represents dreams, love and longevity. The turtle represents longevity, wealth and patience. In addition to the spirit animal symbolic pieces there is also another tradition in Japan  based on the idea of Kintsugi,  the way the Japanese culture mends broken pottery with gold, Milamore uses that idea for lovely rings that mend the broken heart, well, that is one interpretation. One chain of diamonds consists of pierced diamonds without any stone settings, the lock appears in front as opposed to being hidden in the back. Materials are gold and diamonds. In addition to the Japanese spirit animals and the Kintsugi inspired pieces, there are astrological symbols. All are delicate, refined and beautifully crafted.



Diane Pernet

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