The best tattoo parlor in Paris

In our humble opinion, True Love is the ultimate tattoo parlor in Paris. Based in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, can be spotted by its seafoam green painted exterior. Inside, a gang of lady tattooers (and one guy) offer unique designs, some of which are inspired by old fashion pin-up, this is also where you can get a tattoo of crystals, snaes, swords and dragons. Lady Tornade is the chief tattoo artist who tattoos fun, graphic-style tattoos, alongside her colleagues, El Bent, Mother of Medusa and Maufé. If you plan on popping by Paris for fashion week, music festivals, or any other reason, this is the must-visit place for a quick and easy tattoo that will naturally last a lifetime. Make an appointment via their website here. This is as good as it gets in Paris! Below are tattoos by Lady Tornade.