Create something for the future, an open call for an artists residency Jacquard x Google Arts and Culture deadline is April 1st

I had a great meeting today with Pamela Golbin, you probably know about her from the 25 years that she spent as the chief curator of fashion and textile at the Musée de la Mode et du Textile in Paris. After 25 years she decided to go back to school and study business at Harvard. After that she and her partner went to Japan to do some Samurai training and climbed the 3 Dewa mountains, past, present and future. It was challenging but when she came back to Paris she was a changed woman. “After having curated the past I am now ready to curate the future.” said Golbin.

The future is a new residency for five months that will be provided for three artists by Jacquard x Google Arts and Culture and Pamela Golbin and Memo Akten will be the artists mentors. The residency grants three artists access to the core of Jacquard technology, factories in Japan, mentoring from Jacquard and Google Arts & Culture engineers and access to the Google Lab space and resources in Paris. The open call has no age or nationality restrictions. It will be for 5 months, out of those five months you will only need to be in Paris for a week where you will discuss your project with a dedicated creative coder and hardware prototyping team. They will bring your creativity to reality. You will also go on an inspiration trip to Japan to visit the Jacquard Factory. By the way Jacquard x Google was invented by Dr. Ivan Poupyrev as a technology that creates connected textiles and can be integrated into any material. Jacquard threads were designed by google in partnership with Japanese craftsmen who have been making cords for kimonos for 80 years. The conductive metal alloys are incredibly thin and when you look at the material they look like normal yarn. At any rate click on the link below for more information. The deadline is April 1st and the residency will start April 16th for a 5 month period.

The residency is for artists, not students…you’ll have to wait a few years.

It is the first artists residency by Jacquard x Google Arts and Culture. I’m excited and I trust you will be too.



Jacquard x Google Arts & Culture

Diane Pernet

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