Emilio & Carola Insolera Will be featured in Vanity Fair Italy January30 with a 10 page fashion feature


Dear Shaded Viewers,

I first met Emilio at an ASVOFF event in Tokyo  6 years ago and again in Paris with the model Carola Insolera. When I met Emilio it was in a noisy situation so I did not understand what he was saying. When he and his future wife Carola were in Paris we met again at les Deux Abeilles. It was only then that I understood both were deaf.  Emilio was making a feature film that was the first super hero film by a deaf director and an entirely deaf cast.  I was in Cannes with ASVOFF at the time but Giorgia Cantarini went to cover the screening for me.

You can read more about that here: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/

The photo above was done by Leslie Kee as the cover  for his 20th anniversary exhibition in Tokyo We are Love November 2018.

January 30, 2019 Vanity Fair Italy will publish a 10 page fashion story on the couple photographed by Rosi Di Stefano.




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