Alta Roma x< VERTIGO < A project by SYLVIO GIARDINA Ph. Salvatore Dragone

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The installation VERTIGO was conceived by Sylvio Giardina as a way to explore Giardina’s artistic sensibility. Giardina has been active in Haute Couture for the past 15 years. Art is his inspiration and fashion is his instrument.

The VERTIGO project was in conjunction with the 2019 edition of Altaroma. Giardina uses crystal, tulle and the play of light and shadow along with volumes and an audio-visual vertigo to pull the viewers into a timeless and suspended dimension recalling the myth of the cave of Plato using the deceptiveness of the shadow as a metaphor for knowledge and the idea of personal experience.

Although we associate Sylvio Giardina with Rome he was born in Paris of Sicilian origins. He completed his studies at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in ROme and started working at Fernanda Gattinoni fashion house where he credits Gattinoni with teaching him the foundations of haute couture.




Diane Pernet

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