Tomorrow Ltd Opening Act for Fashion Incubator

Fashion brands business accelerator, Tomorrow Ltd is opening with Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi, the first act of a talent incubator. Meant to seed and grow business for a new generation of Japanese designers worldwide, this exciting and ambitious project is initiated by Tomorrow Ltd with the support of JETRO, (Japanese External Trade Organisation), under the advice of influencer and creative director Daisuke Gemma.

Both Tomorrow Ltd chief commercial officer Giancarlo Simiri and Luca Corsetti, consulting’s manager, have outlined that among the long list of talented designers Poggy was the perfect opening act for the incubator while Motofumi Kogi, United Arrows creative director _ aka Poggy the Man,  also aware of the impact of this project for his own line, is very thankful.

With a goal of 10 to 12 Japanese Brands to launch in the next seasons, this coming March, Tomorrow Ltd will release another three projects and create a new room for talented Japanese designers, to boost and empower them on the international market.

For this first incubator’s collection, Poggy the Man is not only the opening act, but Motofumi Kogi jumps right in the concept and stands up as a mentor for younger designers, with Poggy’s Box ,  a box of collabs including rising Japanese designers, thus setting the tone for this growing project and fresh news for Tomorrow…