Tabor and Villalobos are presented by Cristina Grajles Gallery at Design Miami from December 5-9

Dear Shaded Viewers,

ASVOF favourites, Tabor and Villalobos, will launch the first instalment of their lighting with Cristina Grajales Gallery at Design Miami December 5th-9th Meridian Avenue & 19th Street Miami Beach. The new series of table lamps are a contrast of materials  matte white and raw in texture, the plaster and resin screens are both baroque and brutalist. The screens rest on polished, minimal brass bases which are in contrast with the plaster edifice above.

The interior of each lamp is coated in 23K gold gilding, like a precious secret that is hidden on the inside, a direct reference to the artists’ “Failed Wax” series of jewellery and vessels, which was the inspiration for the artists’ movement into lighting.





Cristina Grajales Gallery


Diane Pernet

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