The work of German artist Falk Kastell

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met the german artist Falk Kastell a few months ago in Paris. The multi-disciplinarian started his career in his native Heidelberg, Germany at the age of 4 studying classical ballet. He went on to get a Master in Design graduating on the topic of ‘Beauty’. Although he’d rather not be represented by a gallery his work has ended up in private collections. Notable collectors are: John Neumeier, director of the Hamburg Ballet, Cameron Carpenter, the world famous organist, Robert Hausser, Irene Gersheim, Karl Lagerfeld and many more. Falk has also worked with other institutions and brands such as: Versace, Brioni, Lanvin, Hermes, the National Theater Mannheim, John Deere…

Falk’s work focuses on art as a personal language and a way to transmit the soul of his subjects. While living in Montreal he developed his ‘One-line-drawings’. The process, like the name, has the artist never lifting his pen from the paper, making the drawing only once without any preparatory sketches and no life or still model in front of him. With Falk these drawings showcase the power of his visual mind and his ability to transmit that effortlessly with his pen.

When asked about his aspirations for the future: : “Artistically I am very happy with myself, and I wish to share this happiness through my art, with many people. As for my career, I would love to work for Hermés again, I dream of designing some of their wonderful silk scarfs one day.”

If you would like to discover more of his work I direct you to his website:




Diane Pernet

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