Bijules Incubator Launches Angely Martinez Jewelry November 23 photos by Gabi Lincoln

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Jules Kim aka Bijules started an incubator where she fosters emerging and independent jewellery brands through her 15 years of experience as the designer and founder of Bijules. The initiative grew out of the lack of ethical approach to business in fashion and her awareness on practices such as copyright infringement. “I don’t approve and I wantto make sure the new designers and brands entering the market are prepared to work from their integrity and instinct while understanding how to maneuver business wise. I am constantly making new jewellery and bringing them to market so the territory should be clean and not littered with merchandisers masked as designers or big brands who hire recent grads to imitate risk proven trends tomatch the supply/demand tedium.” said Jules Kim.

Angely Martinez is one of Bijules former assistants who is a skilled artisan as well as a thoughtful designer. “I installed her workbench in my pop up on canal street and there she has been building her collection by hand with jeweller tools and techniques. Since August she’s been slaving away everyday to create a robust collection made of silver, semi precious gems and glass.” said Jules Kim.

images shot by @gabilincoln and make up by @_alejandrosummer for @angelymartinezjewelry under the @bijulesincubator.@annijurgenson model

November 15, 2018 New York

6-9 pm Bijules Incubator

322B Canal Street, NYC

Between Church & Mercer



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