LA FORMELA S2019 – Text by Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz

Dear Shaded Viewers & Diane,
The latest show of Prague’s LA FORMELA is a retail fact, whose primary focus is to leave the audience engraved with the knowledge that the best is Made in Czech Republic. Backstage, both designers timidly murmured, “Great things happen to us in Prague.”

When compared to the international market’s standards, Miroslava Kohutiarova and Antonin Soukup have proven to deliver high quality goods– local, Czech factories produce everything. The constant tension between their iconic sportswear pieces and their manner of design forces a particular refinement to be the equivalent of a new elegance. It was one of the few shows where tangible desire popped up in the audience, fashion’s best gift to the viewer.

Combining the more sec fabrics into shiny nylons enlightened the quick-moving women and the casual men, and, treated in full harmony, the line between the genders became blurred. A long pleated gown was finished with absolute functionality and combined with sneakers RS-0 by PUMA. Is it the same duo that first appeared as prestigious manufacturers of solid garments that then afterwards as uber feminine? Yes, and they are not strictly glamorous.

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