BONJOUR a JOBURG … The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing by Andrew Chandler aka Andy Shandy text by ADAM LEVIN on the winner of SAFW menswear

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

I really loved this show and think a designer who talks about YSL’s 77 show ad nauseum, paints like Monet, reads Rushdie, is a textile obsessive and references Maclaren and Bacon ,worked for Goude and like Westwood is a Rennaissance Man is interesting. 

The designer, Andrew Chandler is an award-winning art director and had intended collaborating with a designer. As it turned out he became so immersed in the process, he produced the collection himself for his brand, Beware the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, and won the Menswear award at SA Fashionweek, proving that its not simply what one knows about fashion that makes a collection, but what one knows about everything “Later,

Adam Levin

Diane Pernet

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