A visit to Leisure Center in Vancouver photos by Luis Valdizon

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today I discovered the Leisure Center in Vancouver, if I was still a fashion designer I would be very happy to have my collection here. The curation of collections, objects and even the children’s play space is …perfection. We loved the mini size ping pong table for children while their parents tried on the fashion and while you are there be sure to try the Joy Juice at their cafe. It is the Dover Street Market of Vancouver and its doing extremely well. My model is the photographer Lital Marom wearing Balenciaga and Greg Lauren. I remember meeting Greg at the beginning of his career through my friend Kelly Cutrone who was representing him in NYC through People’s Revolution. Owners, Mason Wu and Muyun Li are pictured in the silver infinity passage at the end of the post.

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Diane Pernet

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