Day 1 at Vancouver Fashion Week – Phuong My photos by Liya Geldman


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Vancouver Fashion Week is on total expansion with an intense tour of the globe seeking out interesting and original fashion designers and emerging fashion weeks. This is the  31st  season of Vancouver Fashion Week.  For more information go to

The founder,  Jamal Abdourahman, travels the globe searching for talent, we met in both Holland and Romania. Jamal attended college with the goal of working for the United Nations and traveling the world. To make money as a student, he began buying clothing at wholesale and organizing fashion and trunk shows at nightclubs, hotels, and warehouses. He eventually opened a clothing store on Robson Street and later teamed with an investor who wanted to do fashion shows in Asia. Jamal closed the store and began jet-setting to fashion capitals including Hong Kong, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and London, and attended Paris Fashion Week in 1999. Back on home soil, he collaborated with a friend and started the first official fashion week show in 2000 which was named International Fashion Week. Continuing on his own, he rebranded the event Vancouver Fashion Week in 2001. It is now the 17th year and the 31st season.








Diane Pernet

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