3 days Paris 3 days Rome: ASVOFF celebrates its 10 th Anniversary: ASVOFF Rome sponsored by BVLGARI at Palazzo Altemps October 20 21 22 as seen in Amica

ear Shaded Viewers,

ASVOFF celebrates its 10th anniversary with a 6 day festival that starts in Paris at Club de l’Etoile October 12,13 & 14th then moves on to continue the celebration to Rome at Palazzo Altemps with a special competition ‘My Personal Love Affair with Rome’. Submissions are open now with a deadline of October 10th. Visit www.ashadedviewonfashionfilm.com click submissions then click ASVOFF Rome. Judges for this special competition include Pam Hogg and Cuba Tornado Scott. More information to follow.



Bulgari appoggia ASVOFF, il festival di corti sulla moda

Diane Pernet

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