In a premier film release, Franklin Benjamin Elman’s collection for the recent return of Trigére presents in a new visual form. Directed by Alexandre Joux, a young Swiss filmmaker of only 25 years old, the video campaign presents an extravagant Demi-Couture Fall 2018 Collection with ghostly convention, bringing new life among a museum of antiquated works.

In this video a unique artistic expression comes into motion. The clothing design invites observation among the museum setting adorned with paintings and sculptures, a host of multiple art forms. As the beats of Vendredi Sur Mer’s “Lune est l’autre” inspires a grandeur of curiosity, an imagination for the relationship between fashion and art begins to permeate my perception. Could fashion serve as performance art – a functional and wearable display of artistic expression? Or is clothing design defined as another presentation of art beside the paintings and illustration? As the fashion displays, the model dressed in the collection explores the museum, gliding through the museum halls and gazing upon paintings. Here art and fashion interface: she experiences the art that surrounds her even though she too is exhibiting the clothes on her back. Such a principle of thought displays the label’s identity in the modern world. Trigére fashion: artistic designs that offer practicality. The response spirals. With respect to the past, the American quasi French fashion house rises with the skeleton support of its 1942 cornerstone.


Valerie McPhail

Valerie McPhail is a New York-based writer on things of style and artistic expression. She has a portfolio of writing for both fashion and art publications. Although she enjoys covering fashion news and supporting new designers, her favorite subject to explore is the experience of fashion and how life is communicated through clothing. She believes there is a lot to be said about this.