“To a Circle” by Zhou Yiyan Venice Design Palazzo Michiel Strada Nuova 4391, Venice, Italy

Dear Shaded Viewers,

« To a Circle »
In 2012, I saw a bamboo circle … …
Three years later, I started making circles … … porcelain circles
Simple circles, circles composed with several pieces, broken circles, reconstructed circles … …

I want to make circles, the circles of life.
We build, destroy and rebuild circles.
We are trying to join another circle.
These circles are fragile because we are fragile beings … …

Prior to this exhibition Yiyan made smaller pieces that could be worn as a necklace “set of jewellery” . The current exhibition links a large brass circle with spiralling pieces of porcelain linked with musical strings.

This music track « To a circle » is specially composed by Marcelo Milchberg and is played in loop from inside the sculpture. The recording was done with Michel Frechina (Double bass), Camila Milchberg (voice) and engineered by Jean François Sandoz.



Diane Pernet

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