teamLab Au-dela des limites at Grande Halle de La Villette till September 9th

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Out of all the amazing rooms the one that I kept going back to was the one with a virtual waterfall 11 meters high and extending across a long wall and covering the floor. When you approach the wall, you activate sensors and flowers bloom, butterflies appear, fish swim… On another wall the proximity of the viewer effects climate changes like  lightning and on another wall there is a parade of ancient characters mixed in with frogs and marching, rabbits …the project is monumental and covers 2000 m2. The creators: teamLab: Au-dela des limits is composed of artists, programmers, engineers, 3D animators, mathematicians and architects that together have pushed the boundaries for this exhibition and invite the viewers to interact with the virtual experience.  At first when I walked into one room I thought that in order to get to the next one I had to climb up a manmade mountain but soon found there was another way to get to the next space. I imagine kids would love running up the incline but it really does not work with my shoes.

You are surrounded by nature and you can put yourself under the waterfall, each installation merges science with technology with art. For those not able to take holidays this is the perfect spot to return to and recharge. Each room has its own personality there is Graffiti Nature with mountains you can also draw and give life to the flowers kind of flower bombing. I loved the walls with people and frogs dancing without any boundaries. Frogs were super…I wonder if it was because we are in France….:)))

You can take the metro to Porte de Pantin and the Grande Halle is right in front of you. I followed google maps and ended up on the opposite side in the rain…you won’t have to.


Diane Pernet

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