Pierre Cardin at Sotheby’s but …not for sale – curated by Florent Jenniard together with Pierre Cardin.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Design Director at Sotheby’s, Florent Jenniard, wanted to create something as a tribute to the most important designers in France, this time the exhibition is devoted to Pierre Cardin. This is a cultural exhibition, nothing here is  for sale or for the auction. Cardin was a couturier but in addition he  made/makes some of the most amazing furniture. The exhibition is a focus on the years 1970-80. All of the pieces were selected with Jenniard and Pierre Cardin. The most recent piece made in 2017, the orchid,  is the only one for sale and it is an edition of 8. You can move the pieces of the sculpture like pedals of a flower, inside are shelves and light which changes. Outside is lacquer. I think the price of the only piece for sale is 26K.  Every piece is a sculpture but has a utilitarian purpose as well and because it is a sculpture you can place it where you want it does not need to be against a wall it could as easily be in the middle of a room.

Above are a few of the images on exhibit.



Diane Pernet

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