GmbH ‘My Beauty Offends You’

Dear Shaded Viewers,

GmbH got on my radar last season when I visited the showroom Ritual Projects. There was an embroidery on a shirt that resonated with me and I suppose is what drove the intention of the collection home. Simple shirt, embroidery ‘Randomly Chosen’. There is no question that we are all currently living through a modern version of the dark ages and somehow sitting through the freezing cold, enduring a long walk from the street to the venue, made longer by the driving rain…well we got it, immigrants are facing much worse than this on a daily basis.  Benjamin Huseby and Serhat Isik are the designers behind the Berlin based brand with the generic name GmbH. The name of the show ‘My Beauty Offends You’ continued the theme of ‘Randomly Chosen’. What they presented was well executed sportswear and tailoring inspired by the 80’s clothes their fathers wore, especially an homage to Isik’s dad.

It was hardcore showing outside in January in the rain, I don’t really want to relive that experience but the collection was strong and they did get their point across.



Diane Pernet

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