J’ai perdu parole- Nabile Quenum left us


Dear Shaded Viewers,

This is not a review or a post about what happened at Pitti. I can’t really write, or think or do anything at this moment of grief. My friend Nabile Quenum passed away and the news came out all of a sudden and I still can’t believe it. Nabile met Diane in Tbilisi and kissed her hand when I introduced them to each other. I remember he asked me questions about her, saying how much he liked her iconic image and her name itself, saying it sounded really chic and classy.

They always say that you understand what bind you have with a person when the person is gone, and sadly it couldn’t be more true. J’ai Perdu Ma Veste. The jacket, Nabile Quenum truly lost it, in a Parisian club, and thanks to this story  he found the perfect name for his website Jaiperdumaveste, but now we lost you and words too.

For all the times we’ve been sharing together, for the moments we lived together, in joy and in  sorrow, the cities we visited together like Tbilisi that we all enjoyed together with Julien and Francesca, the parties we went to and threw together when you were djing. We had been together a lot in these past 4 years. From Kiev where we met with Adam and Adriano and laughed for the first time, for teaching me and Rose how to dance, for telling me how shall I deal with my broken heart, for inspiring me to play basketball with you in Rome when Julien and I were a team against you and Gregory, your best friend and brother from another mother, for assuring me that I will always look good with no make up and no heels in Paris, for hugging me when I needed it and when I didn’t need it, for saving me from a guy that was annoying me, for smiling me back all the times you smiled at me to provoke my smile that you said I should show more, for fighting with me, for giving me tips on everything, for the jokes, for protecting me, for thinking about me, for caring for me, for all the times you cheer up everyone, for all the times you said something nice, irreverent, stupid, irritating, deep or controversial. I say thank you. Only those that know you could understand you and appreciate your soul and your feelings, good or bad. I spoke with you before Christmas and you are part of the latest issue of Manintown with what is a little legacy you left me. I consider myself lucky I was your friend. I will never forget you and I will love you forever.

Au revoir mon ami.