The Power of Masks at the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam curated by Walter Van Beirendonck – NVU at MoMu photos by Emmanuel De Prycker



Dear Shaded Viewers,

Walter Van Beirendonck has been fascinated by masks since the beginning of his career. Now he documents his obsession with masks from Bjork to the Middle Ages. He was interviewed by Kaat Debo at the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam where his exhibition Power Mask-The Power of Masks opened last month. It will continue till January 2018. It is well known that Van Beirendonck has been fascinated by other cultures and rituals particularly those that center around bodies, faces and changed personas.

His exhibition goes through torture masks from the Middle Ages to masks designed for Bjork and Kylie Minogue. Van Beirendonck also approached three artists to create installations for the show: Charles Freger, Coco Fronsac and Brian Kenny. The exhibition is set up to encourage an exchange between the artist and the viewer.

The book: Power Mask: The Power of Masks is written by Walter Van Beirendonck and Kaat Debo.

The images above are from an interview with Kaat Debo that took place at MoMu.



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