ANDREW GRASSIE at Maureen Paley 18 November 2017 – 7 January 2018

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Maureen Paley is giving Andrew Grassie his third solo show at her gallery. The exhibition will include seven new pieces that depict a view of his artist’s studio that he has styled to create a fictional work space of another artist.

MAUREEN PALEY. 21 Herald Street, London E2 6JT 

Andrew Grassie began a series of ‘recordings’ as a way of breaking an impasse in his own art-making, an impasse due in part to believing in painting at a time when many did not. Leaving Saint Martin’s and the Royal College of Art, facing the void, he discovered an end-run to the tyranny of content by copying his own earlier work at 1:1, in oil, stroke by stroke. In making forgeries of his own paintings, the content of his painting (or at least their importance) instantly evaporated and only the practice of painting itself remained. This way of working evolved, and soon he was painting droll recordings of the spaces and places of the art world itself—gallery offices, storage areas, empty exhibition spaces, and fictional installations. Meaning and the responsibility implied by content were deferred… Yet even though it is a cleverly discursive tactic, Grassie nevertheless remains bound to Albers, Opalka, Morandi, and On Kawara in a shared faith in a practice of meditative repetition.
– excerpt from Sculpting Time by Steven Holmes”

Grassie’s paintings recreate in precise detail photographs that he has taken himself, found on the Internet or sourced from archives. His work raises questions about the relationship between documented reality and constructed illusion and it is hard to distinguish his egg tempera paintings from the photographs they are based on.

Diane Pernet

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