Shine Bright: The Blonds text by Valerie McPhail


With flowers in their hair, models fashioned kindred looks of star-studded corsets notably worn by Madonna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez. The celebrity moment arrived when a mysterious voice came over the runway and Teyana Taylor opened the show. In a patent blue leotard and biker jacket she introduces a collection spirited in glam sensuality.

A glittery passion red bandeau with disco bell bottom pants, wild with cheetah print and budding exotic flowers claimed the tropical theme that would dance around the Blonds latest collection.

For Spring/Summer 2018, jeweled corsets styled with fishnets and thigh high boots. The token designs were a light washed denim corset embellished with blushed jeweled accents and a matte black design, ornamentally styled with metallic crystals. Such styles carry the brand’s legacy.

Wearing a black leather jacket over a matching jumpsuit adorned with silver crystals that replicate a leopard print, designer Phillipe Blond closed the show to roaring claps and cheers. No encore needed, this crowd was pleased.

Valerie McPhail

Valerie McPhail is a New York-based writer on things of style and artistic expression. She has a portfolio of writing for both fashion and art publications. Although she enjoys covering fashion news and supporting new designers, her favorite subject to explore is the experience of fashion and how life is communicated through clothing. She believes there is a lot to be said about this.