SENSES – cyber love story – by Alexan k Sarikamichian & Francisco de la Fuente

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The co-directors, Alexan k Sarikamichian & Francisco de la Fuente,  wanted to create a story that could only be told this way in and of the internet. It is a love story without any physical communication. Although the characters in this film are far different from the hikikomori, the reclusive adolescents or adults in Japan, I could not help but conjure that idea in my mind while screening the film. The challenge that these two directors set for themselves was to tell a story where the two characters can connect without any real physical communication. It is about placing digital and virtual technology over love  The DOPs of SENSES were SEBASTIAN FERRARI and DANI CARRIZO who made sure that the color and the image matched the director’s vision. De la Fuente said that Black Mirror was a visual and narrative inspiration.

Senses is self-funded by the co-directors and producers of the film Alexan k Sarikamichian & Francisco de la Fuente. The video is designed for the internet.




Diane Pernet

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