Satch Hoyt’s performance “Hair Combing Cycle 1530” August 19th

Satch Hoyt performance2

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My friend Satch Hoyt is in Cali Colombia doing a short residency at the invitation of RAW Material,

Dakar Senegal, and Lugar a Dudas, in Cali two art institutions.

A cultural exchange in the context of creating a long needed cultural connection with the African continent and the Afro-Colombian community which is 50%

of the Colombian population.

Hair Combing Cycle 1530 performance  takes place  at la Cinemateca in Museo la Tertulia.

FYI 1530 is the date of the first Colombian slave revolt Satch has invited 15 Afro Colombian women to participate in tomorrows performance. .

He had his first rehearsal yesterday” i’m very excited it will be the first black female performance in a Colombian Museum.”

August 19 – 11 a.m. – Cinemateca La Tertuli

Hair Combing Cycle Performance is on the Prospect 4 agenda  in NOLA.






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