The Little Girl Without Matches by Pierre Carrilero film by Fred Koenig

The Little Girl Without Matches

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I received this from an old friend I met in Paris about 26 years ago and  that I have not been in touch with for years. He sent me this film today, I like it and thought that you might too.
“I am resending you a video i am proud of…the music and clothes are from me and the video is by Fred Koenig…it is called the little girl with no matches. ” Pierre Carrilero
Currently he is working on a project called  ” les voix de minuit”   based on one of his dresses.. the chinese empress one.. inspired by Madame Butterfly. “So i move from Japan to China…the music is classical with bouts of noise…gosh, i like the mayhem it can generate.” Pierre Carrilero.


Diane Pernet

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