A visit to Ana Locking


Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,

Today I had the pleasure of paying a visit to my dear Ana Locking, the woman behind -yes, you’ve guessed it- the design firm Ana Locking… Of course, and happily, Ana’s partner Alberto was there too: both are so lovely and genuine that I almost forgot how cool is being around them during the last eight years I’ve been away from Madrid.

Beside filling up the gaps of this long lapse, I was curious to have a closer look to the collection they presented last February in the MBMadrid Fashion Week, and more precisely I wanted to ask her about the “Pollock” ending, with the splash printed Jacquard that she used to comment on how utopias commonly end up in caos… also, the sweater I also pictured in this post is deconstructed to insist on the imposible perfection or completion of dreams…

Still, she believes in the need of fashion not just having a message but also being the message itself, through an honest and dignifying craftsmanship.

Couldn’t agree more and cherish her passion…

I didn’t take more picture because for some reason my phone camera’s dead but you can enjoy her show in the chronicle I wrote HERE and also on her WEBSITE.




P.D.- Oh, I almost forgot… Ana is also doing ceramics and interior design projects that I’ll post soon!

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