Vk Lillie Chromotherapy; Healing through color “In the name of our fathers” N. 1

Dear Shaded Viewers,

13 artists were invited to a dinner to celebrate an artist’s perspective of color through food. In the center of the table was an installation of Vk Lillie’s Chrome collection. Metal sculptures were used to hold the ‘necklaces’ creating chandeliers, the transparent and vividly colored leather is lit by candle light.

The table was set with vintage silver, copper and brass plates gathered from trips to Morocco and over the plates was a light canvas table cloth with the artists name stitched next to the plate. The menu was made of food elements that stain/dye fabric and served in courses that grow in color intensity. Beginning with the Root chakra red and ending at the crown chakra purple. Each artist serves them self or basically paints their meal. Silverware was made of wood encouraging the artists to use their own hands.

With each course the sound, light and color of the room changed based on the color being served. This manipulation effected the emotions and reactions of the guests. It was a living experiment and performance. The energy of this experiment was collected by the crystals used in the Vk Lillie collection at the center of the table.

Vk Lillie is a mother daughter collaboration; Vanessa is the inspiration and Kira is the creator. After working for 10 years in the fashion industry as a photographer, Kira felt a desire to make a shift and launch a brand inspired by her mother. Vanessa is a healer and into honouring the planet. Vk Lillie’s medicine bag, of which I have had for years, is an ancient object used to carry personal objects of meaning and or medicine of that time. the Lillie bloodline carries generations of healers and their ultimate dream is to help people help themselves.


Vk Lillie www.vklillie.com

Metal sculptures in collaboration with Spek

Food in collaboration with Chef Anastasia Finders

Sound in collaboration with Egon Elliut

Set in collaboration with and production by Pandora Graessl www.graesslstudio.com

co-produced by Marcelo Alcaide and Yasmina Hammal Hammalcaide www.hammalcaide.org

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Diane Pernet

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