At a glance: Paul & Yakov Fall 2017 is not yet-another Eastern European brand

Behind Paul & Yakov are Petr and his brother Yury Polyakov (hence the name Paul & Yakov), and the idea that Russian fashion doesn’t have to stop at steely streetwear. Inspired by land-artists Nils-Udo and Andy Goldsworthy, the brothers Polyakov pinpoint the relationship between urban and natural spaces as a muse for their work.

This brand is all about applying techniques of the past into the present, to build items meant to last more than a singular seasonal churn. “You really only want to pay for items that please you,” said Petr Polyakov after his first Parisian presentation. Drawing on the expertise of their family business in outerwear, Paul & Yakov presented a tightly tailored collection that leaves ample room to quality materials in a muted palette of forest green, russet and dark neutrals.

Lily Templeton

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