LISELORE FROWIJN FALL-WINTER 2017: the poetic cosmos behind her functional outerwear – Photos by Alexandre Felix and text by Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz

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During designing her pre-fall and now fall-winter collection, the love for the work of Dutch sculptor Alfred Eikelenboom (1936-2014) has enchanted her.

Dreaming of a modern metropolis is the common denominator between this prestigious graphic artist and Liselore Frowijn. Inspired by baroque and nature himself, the artist succeeded in creating what could be a modern urbanization today. He fantasized and experimented with circular shapes creating model cities, he had an esthetic vision on how they could look. You can find his monumental Memphis-kind of sculptures scattered throughout the Netherlands. His way of thinking was very standing, especially now, with the world being in a critical position that almost turns surrealistic when it comes to climate change, elections and the global conflicts we’re facing.

By prioritizing human unity and freedom, Frowijn’s fall-winter 2017 collection is an outdoor rather than sporty proposal, while still attaching herself to the sophisticated prints she has always gone for. Throughout her collection there were shades of grey and red, yellow and blue, colors that Eikelenboom often used. References to colors of India were also considered, in order to show a new possible world or a new perspective for a referential metropolis today. Frowijn created gradient prints for silk and wool fabrics that show the transition the world is in at the moment as well as working with Dutch VLISCO-wax patterns.

This street-like inspired collection is about the freedom of movement, illuminating an ideal woman who can unexpectedly divert her path with comfort.

Through collaborating with different suppliers, Frowijn also shows that by joining forces we can transcend to a whole new level and form an army of positive energy to conquer all the madness, and communicate a new language.

For stockists, please contact

LISELORE FROWIJN @liselorefrowijn

Photography: Alexandre Felix @alexandreflx

Styling: Pieter Eliens @pieter_eliens

Hair: @fredarossidis and @mrsmithhair

Make-up: @margotvanessen




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