Palomo Spain off MBMFW


Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,

Palomo Spain is not the next big thing, he already is something BIG.

With a show that left no one indifferent in the previos menswear NYFW you can see HERE -where he first presented this FW 17/18 collection-, Palomo is dragging down his transgressive, lewd and sensual clothing fashion ministers as Nicola Formichetti and culture gods like Pedro Almodovar, who yesterday night was a worker amongst workers trying to record on his cell phone the brothel inspired tableau vivants Palomo’s models played at the packed apartment-club Matador, located in a bourgeois neighborhood of Madrid.

You’d never see socio-phobic Pedro Almodovar elbowing for a place to get some images anywhere else with a huge smile on his face. That’s unseen on the face of the earth but the intensity, truth and sublime decadence of Palomo can make miracles. And I can tell you, this collection and the spirit it conveys is a real one.

I’ll post images of the NY show where you can see the garments better as soon as I get them, and also more profesional images of last nights presentation.

Don’t thank me, just pass the word.



Mario Canal.


P.S.- Congratulations again to @Pelonio that’s one of the reasons Palomo Spain is up there making waves.

Mario Canal

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