YKK London Showroom presents Part One: Gift, an installation by Karlmond Tang in collaboration with Kei Kagami

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Exploring the human body and human mind, the installation will feature designs ‘Je Vais a la Glorie’ by Melanie Lewiston, ‘Whispering Bivalve’ by Thomasine Barkenow and untitled shoes by Kei Kagami. Under Kei Kagami’s creative direction, the installation is composed of Karlmond’s ‘box’ sculpture, photography and ready-made elements finished and suspended by Kagami.

The installation was executed and curated by collaboration between Karlmond and YKK London Showroom creative advisor Kei Kagami. Within the installation, Kagami’s footwear is displayed alongside the work of milliner Melanie Lewiston and glove designer Thomasine Barkenow. Each of the designers were chosen by the duo for their varied backgrounds and creative outlook, producing inspired designs through a combination of body and mind.

The fully-suspended installation consists of nine detachable photographic images exploring thought and consciousness, surrounding an altered Thonet-inspired chair which holds the finished work of the designers. Complementing these pieces is a leather deconstructable box which unravels to form a wax sculpture of the female human body. Each individual part has been designed to become one piece of human complexity.

The work will be on display until January 7th.



Photography credits

Modelled by Hannah Jayne Grennell Lighting construction by James Rees Set construction by Rick Graham Hair by Naomi Regan

Make-up by Min Sandhu
Film by Dom Fleming
Assisted by Devon Greene
with thanks to Rickardo Mattocks-Maxwell and Sylvia Hong

Diane Pernet

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