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Here is the story behind the limited edition publication of Madonna 66. The author’s mother Cis is a well known casting director and producer. She asked her son Richard Corman in 1983 to photograph a performer named Madonna. She was casting her for a modern day treatment of the classic fairy tale Cinderella. The lead was re-named ‘Cinde Rella’ Madonna was being considered for the lead in the satire of the rock music world.

Richard went to the apartment of Madonna’s brother and photographed Madonna in 5 different set-ups. At that time Madonna was 24 and it was 6 weeks before the release of her debut album ‘Madonna’ in 1983.

The film ‘Cinde Rella’ was never made and for the past 30 years Richard had lost his collection of 66 Polaroids. Recently he moved apartments in New York and rediscovered the collection. The book focuses on the beginning of her life as an icon.

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