A long time ago in Epping Forest with Boudicca

Boudicca gathers friends to celebrate the Queen Boudicca's Last Stand at Epping Forest
Boudicca gathers friends to celebrate the Queen Boudicca’s Last Stand at Epping Forest

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My friend Mei Hui just sent me this image from a long time ago when Boudicca organised a field trip to Epping Forest. This ancient woodland was given legal status as a royal forest by Henry II in the 12th century. It was called the people’s forest in 1882 by Queen Victoria. But why Boudicca brought us to the forest was that it was the walking route of Queen Boudicca. The revolt of Boudicca, leader of the Iceni tribe, fought the Romans whose adjoining territory border falls within the area. Realising that there was no hope of victory, Boudicca and her daughters took poison rather than risk falling into Roman hands. Rumour has it that at night three phantom women can be seen walking along the road near the camps. So, thanks to Mei Hui, I’m reminded of my only visit to the Epping Forest.



Diane Pernet

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