A dangerous journey for Aalto SS17

Over at Aalto, Tuomas Merikoski served up a metaphor on the first day of Paris. If you were to sum up what fashion means to the creatives that endlessly toil, The Dangerous Journey is it. This tale by beloved Finnish author Tove Jansson in which a young girl bored by her safe life embarks on a fantastic journey into the unknown, hinges on the idea that a meaningul journey can only be completed with the help of others.

Cuts were pretty, fluid jackets, nice-enough tailoring in alluring moiré effects and a touch of utilitarian detailing that chimed with current trends, and the styling tapped the usual proclivities of today’s young designer set. The Moomin prints, spliced in stripes into the final set of outfits, added a touch of vivid green to an otherwise Nordic palette. So here, as the collection unfolded, its garments easily piled atop each other or found themselves customized – holes, rips and sparkling Swarovski tableaux – with a disingenuous eye for detail that reminded of nothing more than a teenager’s cookie-cutter sense of uniqueness, it is only goodwill that gets Aalto a pass for this season.
Lily Templeton

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