Palomo Spain

Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,

Haven’t seen a male’s designer as edgy, pushy, solid, focused and fresh as Palomo since Romain Kremer. It’s true that both styles are very different but both too share a fearless sensibility towards masculinity.

What we saw Saturday in Madrid, at the Lazaro Galliano museum’s gardens, was paramount. A solid take on tropicalia, colonialism, sensuality, identity, glamour, pride, gender and love in just one show. In a construction of multiple layers, to be exact, but at the end we were left with only one message that points towards the future. Palomo, if he keeps trudging the road of fashion trusting only in his own instincts and his own version of the spaniard roots as he’s done until now, can go very-very far.

Haven’t been able to digest the images from his recent show and already can’t wait to see the next one.

That must be a good sign.



P.S.- Palomo, besides being the family name of the designer´s mother, is a term used in spanish to refer to homosexuals or despicable subjects.

Mario Canal

Arts writer and art curator. Spaniard from Madrid with Parisian accent. Used to steal my sister's magazines but fashion is elsewhere now. It's something else. Trying to figure this out while putting new creative projects together.