MBMFW: Ana Locking.


Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,

What can I say about Ana Locking, she’s such a fighter and so extremely creative and, perhaps most importantly, sweet and loving…

Well, leaving my adoration for her aside, I must admit that the show she put together named The Thinker was difficult for my to follow… as much as my own train of thoughts.

Not a reason not to enjoy the craft, for sure.

Ana’s well known for developing highly conceptual series disguised on highly sophisticated clothes. Unfortunately I’ve left the paper with the explanation of how the thinking process is expressed in this collection behind and what I’m left with is a succession of styles and textiles and shapes that probably make conceptual sense, but can’t wrap my head around camouflage-becoming flamenco ruffles-becoming camp…

This last exit was my favorite.

Perhaps there’s nothing to understand, actually. The only thing we can do with the mind is to witness its madness and our powerlessness to its compulsion.

At this point I’m just looking forward to have a coffee with Ana once she’s back from her well deserved holidays.




Mario Canal

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