Dazed and Confused turns 25 and celebrates with Gigi Hadid on the cover

Dear Shaded Viewers,


The issue will go on sale the 20th September and will feature 9 different covers. The first of the 9 covers has the 21 year old American sweetheart, Gigi Hadid. The co-founder of Dazed and Confused and Editor of Hunger Magazine, Rankin shot it and it was styled by Dazed’s first Fashion Director, Katie Grand, currently Editor of Love. The magazine has an 18 page feature and the interview conducted by one of her biggest fans…13 year old Lila Moss Hack (Jefferson and Kate Moss’s daughter) and her best friend Stella Jones.

photo by Rankin
photo by Rankin

In addition there is a short film directed by Rankin and styled by Katie that features Gigi running riot in the offices in Old Street.

Rankin, Co-Founder of Dazed and Editor-in-Chief of Hunger says: “Dazed was never meant to last. We were like a band in the beginning, thinking we might do a few albums and then self-implode. Twenty-five years on and I honestly can’t quite believe it’s still going so strong. Dazed works because it became bigger than the sum of all of us. It became a youth movement that needed to be made by the people who read it. That’s why we just kept passing the baton on to younger generations. In a way, shooting with Katie for the 25th anniversary cover, was a bit like getting part of the band back together. I couldn’t have done that with anybody but her. Our time together at Dazed, though occasionally fractious, ranks amongst my happiest and most creatively fulfilling. We learnt so much together. The passion she has for what she does is still as inspiring and infectious now, as it was then. For me, Dazed was, and still is, all about that kind of passion. The magazine would have turned out very differently without her. In fact those original editors set a tone that still lives and breathes through the magazine’s pages and online every day. I hope it carries on for another twenty five years.”

In the accompanying interview the girls talk boyfriends, body confidence and why you should never pretend to be something you’re not with Gigi Hadid telling Lila Moss Hack and Stella Jones how important it is to have different body types in the fashion industry: “I think that more than teaching what body types are correct, it’s important to teach that we are putting models out there who are confident in their bodies. I think that’s where we should start: teaching models to put out a body image that they are happy and comfortable with, so that girls who relate to them know it’s coming from a good place.”



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