Catch a Wave with Julien David by Lily Templeton

Girls were more masculine, guys embraced a fluid approach and Julien David made the twain of his men and womens' lines meet, as he announced that he would forgo his October slot in favor of a January-June schedule more in keeping with fabric and retail cycles. "My menswear had reached a point where it was getting more and more conceptual, so I thought it was more interesting to show it side by side on a creative as well as commercial level" the French designer said backstage after the show. "We're at a moment in fashion where each person must do what is best for their brand."
Another cycle provided the inspiration: waves. On his invitation, he played with the French word "vague" (wave) and featured some ASCII art to figure the telltale crested shape. The subtropical vibe was furthered by the Parisian weather, which had turned the city into a steam oven. It was reggae voice Linton Kwesi Johnson (mens SS14) meets David's Tribe of the Seven seas (womens of the same vintage), for a southern Japanese coastal feel, complete with palm fronds and choppy waves. But the more urban vibe gave the impression that his merged tribe had evolved, becoming urban and urbane. 
The former Tokyo

Lily Templeton

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