Please help Syrian refugee families in Turkey.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Tamara Cincik is hosting an event to help Syrian refugee families in Turkey.

"on the 28th February to help Syrian refugee families in Turkey.

we all know that the situation is hideous and are horrified by the images we are seeing.

I realise that I have become a charity bore, but I am aware that looking back we might well all think, if only I had done more.

This charity has a facebook page here

And 100% of donations go to the families.

The woman running it will be at my event, as she is coming back for a few days anyway.

What I would like please:

Donations to sell: past season designer or vintage: clothes, accessories, bags, ?shoes etc.

And special pieces for the raffle.

You can send them to me at:-

Garden Flat

64 Muswell Hill Road


N10 3JR.

I am hopeful that my fashion friends can dig deep, donate, come along,

And spread the word.

The weekend's news of 70,000 refugees at the Turkish border, escaping Russian backed bombing by Assad, highlights why this is so vital.  Calais to put it into context has 5000 refugees and thanks to the amazing work of my friends either the Refugee Community Kitchen and others, there is food and supplies getting there.  Albeit, it is a living hell.

I am happy to receive things either before or after LFW, as I know you must be hectic; I just need to know when please.

I hope that you have something in your fashion cave and are happy to give!

Many thanks,


Tamara x

Diane Pernet

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