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Dear Shaded Viewers,

The iconic red head, Betony Vernon launches a new Noble Knots collection in collaboration with Colette during Paris Haute Couture. The jewellery designer that not only references erotica …is erotica. Betony has been exploring the theme of adorning one's body with arousing ornamentation since her debut Sado-Chic collection in 1992. Her jewellery is created to intensify sensorial perception, these sensual jewels are to be enjoyed beyond the boudoir. Vernon is also the author of the Boudor Bible.

Shibari (the art of Japanese bondage) is the inspiration behind the Noble Knots collection. visions of Araki come to mind… Vernon duplicates the texture of robe in sterling silver, 18 k gold and bronze. Necklaces, rings, rings that extend to decorate the forearm, belts, belts that extend between the legs or over the shoulders to create harnesses and thigh cuffs are all featured. Powerful, bold and provacative are 3 words that define the creator.

All pieces are hand crafted in Italy. Many have precious or semi-precious stones as well as wood, leather, feathers and other natural , body safe materials.

For more information and list of stockists, please visit If you are in Paris the next few days drop over to Colette.




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