Marcelo Burlon County of Milan strikes again at Milan Fashion Week

Dear Shaded Viewers,

every season there are collections that don’t surprise you, and then there’s some that really do the trick. Marcelo Burlon’s catwalk yesterday was a strong development of a journey he already started in June. It featured contemporary urbanwear, powerful prints, bomber jackets, some basic activewear, and a few very interesting knits with oversized proportions that could be seen as his couture pieces [especially the dark green one with the thunder motif]. Burlon again looked to his multicultural heritage to mix Argentinian symbolism, layered and strong with a bold orange highlight here and there, referencing Tao, flames, sparks, wings and bones. Navajo-inspired geometries become the contemporary shaman uniform, whilst maxi capes were scenic yet functional and massive jumpers mixed with vinyl pants looked to a directional future. He also collaborated once again with Pendleton and Alpha Industries for the flight jackets. Tailoring was included again after the Spring-Summer offering, and again, it looked really well cut, County of Milan needs to evolve and the direction seems pretty clear. What Diane and I love about Marcelo is the energy that he creates at every show. He immediately makes you want to be part of his squad of cool people, who are not only models but also talents from diverse industries, such as Fa’Empel and Joao Oaulo Vieira Borges walked the runway and friends from all over the world.The show opened with a shamanic ritual with Mr. Burlon himself as master of ceremonies, wishing the best for everyone. We wish the best to you, Marcelo. Keep going on this path.



Giorgia Cantarini

Fashion has always been her true calling since she started working as fashion editor and stylist with publications of the likes of Made05, Rolling Stone, Grazia, Glamour,, i-d,,, La Repubblica and Hunger, always cultivating a side interest in artistic perfumery and everything curious, from travels to music, from food to digital. She is also contributor for VOGUE ITALIA for the talents section and Esquire Italy. Her passion lies in discovering new fashion trends, emerging designers and interviewing interesting people all over the world. She also has started to work as stylist for shows and presentations, among the brands Giorgia works with you can find: Situationist, Ssheena, Ellassay, Birkenstock. Diane Pernet is her mentor and one of the most important people in Giorgia’s life.