Bliss Lau – Antidote collection photography Chris Eckert

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The concept of this photo essay is ANTIDOTE – In the medieval times they believed blue Sapphires were an antidote to poison. The closing image of a triple-set of bodychains using graduating blue sapphires best illustrates the concept. I used blue sapphires throughout the collection, for the body chain I placed them in graduating color, light to dark, dripping down the chest to represent purification when wearing my piece.  

The visuals focus on an expression of truth, emotion or character, maniacal laughter, fury, facade, indifference. anger, resistance.


photography Chris Eckert      

styling Chrissy Lloyd              

makeup          Carmindy                                

hair Tiffany Fodor                     

nails Etsuko Shimatani            



Diane Pernet

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